Our Services

Helping People to Buy Horses

Searching and Advising 

CHA offer a search and advice package which aims to find you your next horse. Within our search fee, CHA will send regular possible matches based on our agreed search criteria and client brief. 

The upfront fee includes: 

* An initial video consultation to gain an understanding of your search 

* Up to 4 weeks of searching using horse sale websites and forums and our network of off-market sellers

* Initial contact and brief gained from the vendors to judge suitability

* Detailed feedback and more information provided to buyer

* Organising viewings and vettings as applicable 


Other Services

In addition to the search element, CHA are able to offer a variety of services to assist with your horse buying and post-purchase needs. These may include the following: 

* Pre-client viewings 

* Assisted client viewings 

* Schooling sessions/ Holiday Livery 

* Other Miscellaneous work - such as attending vetting's, lessons, negotiations, post purchase support

* Transport of your new horse can be arranged if required 

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